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We are an ACNC registered, public benevolent institution with DGR status
About Us

We are an organisation dedicated to ensuring that people with disabilities are supported and better integrated into their community.

Our Services

We provide education, training, therapy and equipment services to developing countries

Our History

Birthed in 2011, Dayna Pool PhD, established the foundation of Get Equip’d in Miri Malaysia, partnering with PDK Miri in 2012 and Curtin University in 2017

The Get Equip’d Team

Director of Therapy Services Dayna Pool PhD,

Director of Equipment Services Leonardo Gnavi

Director of Marketing/Logistics Edward Pool

Why volunteer with us?

Dayna Pool PhD (Physiotherapist) and Leo Gnavi (Occupational Therapist) have established well credentialed reputations in paediatric therapy services throughout Australia. Combined with their research in the field of neuro-rehabilitation, post-doctoral studies and industry links with tertiary hospitals and The Healthy Strides Foundation - it is a not-for-profit venture that aims to assist the less fortunate in developing countries.


Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy students will be supervised by a team of industry experienced professionals - in an environment that facilitates real-world learning.


Not limited to student training, Get Equip’d is enabling healthcare staff and professionals in developing countries to provide modern, up-to-date treatment and therapies.

Social Change

Partnering with local business and investing in the local health care providers, Get Equip’d lobbies for social change in countries where disability services are not a priority.

PDK, Miri Malaysia

The children of Miri Malaysia have few health care providers in the region that are equipped with assisting people with physical disabilities. We have partnered with a local disability service organisation - PDK - to provide essential equipment (such as wheelchairs and walking frames), evidence based therapy services and education to enhance the training of PDK staff.

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Our Vision

Our intent is to establish a capacity building framework, supporting existing associations with essential equipment, training and local funding partnerships.


The lack of equipment is often a major barrier for community integration for people with disabilities due to cost and lack of specialised technical support. We aim to provide as much equipment as is possible to meet the needs of the children of Miri.


Get Equip’d will provide the necessary expertise through dedicated equipment programs which will also include the involvement of health care students from Perth Australia via our partnership with Curtin University.

Fund Raising

As a not-for-profit organisation, all funds are invested into the program which includes essential equipment purchases and supporting our volunteer therapists in travelling to Miri, Malaysia.


Our major sponsor SOPB - Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad continues to generously support this program and have loaned their expertise in shipping and marketing along with purchasing wheelchairs for the children of PDK.

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Student Placements

Please email us for pricing. Government grants may also be available to eligible students.

  • students

  • PDK Miri

    Miri General Hospital

  • 6 week placement


To be confirmed
  • students

  • PDK Miri

    Miri General Hospital

  • 6 week  placement


To be confirmed
  • 16 students (total)

  • PDK Miri

    Miri General Hospital

  • 6 week placements

  • Bi-annual

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Our team members

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team member
Dayna Pool PhD
Director of Therapy Services


team member
Leonardo Gnavi
Director of Equipment Services

Occupational Therapist

team member
Edward Pool
Director of Marketing/Logistics

Marketing, Fundraising and Logistics.

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